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(260) 489-6707
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Welcome to the Elderberry Tree House Shoppe webpage!

Welcome to our website! We are happy you have found us online. Please look through our site and see what we have going on, and what we can do to help you with your spiritual and metaphysical needs! Also, if you can, please stop in and have a comfy seat while you relax and look through our selection and maybe sign up for a reading, healing or class.

We offer a wide variety of items including: books, incense, candles, Native American, Buddah, and much more!

*******New ON Going Daytime women's discussion Group
Tues. March 5th and then every other Tues. Morning 10-12
I have had some requests for this and so with the help of Diana Fries we have come up with "The Sandbox"

New Women’s Circle – The Sandbox
What is a Women’s Circle? – A place of safety for women to bond together to bring forth the best in women – listening, supporting, laughing, crying, sharing, and, of course, talking.

How does it work? – There is no leader. We may decide topics in advance but it may change because the discussions will focus on whatever is needed by the women in attendance. Flexibility is required and topics may range from political hot topics to helping someone in trouble- wherever the participants want to go.

Everyone should feel free to speak frankly: Openness and truthfulness are important to bonding and learning. Be willing to offer helpful ideas and to learn from others.

No one should fear reprisal: All comments should be supportive of each other but yet allowing for the exchange of differing viewpoints. All attendees should respect the privacy of all others by not spreading tales outside of the group.

Who is welcome? – Any female over the age of 17 years.

When does it meet? – We will start by meeting every other week beginning on Tuesday, October 16th at 10:00 a.m. (to about noon). We may try different times as we go along.

What does it cost? – It is only right that we pay something for the use of the facilities so we will start off with donations and see if we can cover it that way.
Please join us in creating a new women’s circle!

Frequent Shopper Card!

When you spend $25 or more in merchandise (before Taxes and Classes or groups and readings) in one shopping trip Iwill mark your tree on your card (there are trees pictured on the card).
When your card is full bring it back on your next visit and you will recieve 10% off merchandise on that shopping trip. The card is not good for classes, readings, healings, or taxes. My way of saying Thank You to my frequent shoppers. You are the people who keep me in business. Sometimes we just do not realize how much shopping local helps people! I sell a lot of local and American made merchandise; My soaps are made here in Ft Wayne, some of the candles are made in Ligonier, and some in Michigan, Wild Berry incense is made in Ohio, all of Deva Design jewerly is made in the US and so much more. When you are Buying at Elderberry you are not only helping keep me in business but also lots of local and U.S. manufactures......SO THANK YOU.....I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU!

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